Anyone Who Remembers George Michael Only For His Music Is Missing The REAL Importance of His Anti-War Activism – Anti Media News

He was also vocal in his opposition of the Iraq War. His 2002 “Shoot the Dog” track was a savage satire on George W Bush and Tony Blair and his song “The Grave” a year later was a lament about the wasted young lives lost in war, deliberately timed to coincide with what he regarded as the allies’ unjustified, illegitimate intervention in Iraq. “Shoot the Dog” was a brave move that lost George fans in gung-ho patriotic America. But he stuck to his principles and showed his critics that he wasn’t a mindless, hedonistic pop heartthrob.

George Michael’s legacy is that of a supremely talented performer, an opponent of injustice and a charitable humanitarian. His music will live on for decades and continue to bring enjoyment and inspiration to millions. Bravo!

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