Cop’s Body Cam Catches Him Brutally Attack & Taser Man Walking His Bike on the Sidewalk – Anti Media News

Further, though police claim the man resisted arrest and failed to comply with orders to put his hands behind his back, Ramirez contended that Dombrowski — who sported a backpack at the time — had not resisted, but was reacting to the pain of being repeatedly tasered.

Dombrowski filed his own claim against the City of Mesa before hiring Ramirez, alleging he was “abused, pushed into the ground, aggressed and manhandled for no good reason.”

Mesa police declined to provide comment to ABC News, citing “an ongoing internal investigation.

In Dombrowski’s original claim — which Ramirez is working to update and specify a monetary sum — he states,

“I was just trying to find my way back home. I believe I was treated like a danger or a threat that I wasn’t being.”

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