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Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.) plead guilty to tax evasion and accepting bribes in 2005.

As reported earlier, House Republicans voted in a secret meeting to approve the Goodlatte amendment. This amendment strips the Office of Congressional Ethics of authority. Ridiculously, even Chaffetz Jason, chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, voted in favor of the amendment to gut the office.

The Ethics Office was created in 2008 to investigate misconduct and corruption committed by Congress members. Neutralizing it allows the House of Representatives to police themselves:

On Monday evening, in a closed-door party meeting, GOP lawmakers in the House voted overwhelmingly (119 to 74) to neutralize and reconfigure the Office of Congressional Ethics by stripping its independent authority and making it subservient to the very members of congress it was designed to oversee.

Republicans that voted for the amendment were inundated with complaints via news reports, tweets, phone calls, and emails.

The House GOP met secretly again and voted to pull the amendment in response to the public outrage. Of course, the authors of the amendment want to revisit the issue after the mainstream media forgets about it.

(Anti Media News)

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