Police Brutality, Misconduct, and Police Shootings in 2016 – Anti Media News


No Charges for Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets at an Innocent Mom and Daughter

Cops Slam Unarmed Woman On The Pavement, Killing Her In Front of Family

Police Shoot Man For Recording Them With Phone, Claim They Feared For Their Lives

NYPD Cop Kills Off-Duty Cop, Claiming He ‘Thought He Was a Criminal’

Police Shot 12-Year-Old Girl To Death While Evicting Her Family From Their Home

No Punishment For Michigan Cops Who Beat Innocent UNARMED Black Teen Until He Was Brain Damaged

Police Shooting of UNARMED Man Recorded LIVE On Facebook During Traffic Stop

Video Clearly Shows Unarmed Man Pleading With Arms Raised Before Getting Shot by Police

Cop Shoots Teen In the Back SEVEN TIMES Because He ‘Thought He Had Marijuana’

Graphic New Video Surfaces Showing Police Execute Alton Sterling as they Held His Arms Down

Vicious Police Brutality of Morton County Sheriff’s Deputies At Standing Rock

People in authority positions need to accept that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. We cannot continue to let police beat and kill people and not even be charged for their crimes.

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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