Detroit cop brags about roughing up ‘assholes’ and ‘garbage’ he’s sworn to protect – Anti Media News

One of Wolff’s neighbors said he wasn’t surprised by the officer’s comments, reported WJBK-TV.

“He did walk pass when I was being assaulted,” said the neighbor, who declined to be identified. “My ex-husband was giving me a lot of trouble. He walked right past me in uniform and did not help at all. It really messes with your head to have a cop walk past in uniform and not care you’re being prevented from leaving your home.”

Craig said the officer is currently off-duty and disabled.

The Muckraker’s Steve Neavling, who posted the article, notified Wolff, a die-hard Donald Trump supporter, that he had reported his statements to internal affairs.

“Please do,” Wolff said. “I’ve been trying to get fired for years you c*nt. Help me you ass.”

As the investigation is under way, Wolff may just get the firing he’s been working so hard to achieve. The hard working citizens he called garbage, in the city he called garbage- are better, and quite frankly safer- without Wolff on the payroll.

What are your thoughts on how Wolff should be disciplined? Do you think he will face any disciplinary action at all? We welcome your thoughts in out comments section below.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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