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A post from LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard claims that a motion was filed to close the Sacred Stone Camp

  • Sacred Stone is located on Allard’s private property and acts as the heart of the stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Allard’s property acted as the foundation for the original camp last year
  • Allard’s public statement comes just after the SRST tribal council announced $3.2 million of donations would go towards their debt

Just hours ago LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard posted to her Facebook page an alarming status in which she accused the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council of corruption.

The original post read, “People need to see what the SRST tribal council is doing right now.” Further down in the comments she explains that either Robert Taken Alive or the SRST Tribal Council made the motion to shut down Sacred Stone Camp.




Despite the Sacred Stone Camp existing on Allard’s private property, and the tribal council denying to help Sacred Stone with any of their costs, apparently, they have now decided they have final say over what happens to the camp that started it all.

While Oceti Sakowin has gotten much more of the publicity over the last few months, Sacred Stone is the heart of the standoff against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Many do not know that the Youth Council started the stand against DAPL, and Allard donated her land to the cause to act as a place of refuge. Since the camp sits on private property, it does not fall under the same rules or risks as Oceti Sakowin.

Today’s announcement from Allard only verifies further what many have thought of the tribal council. The decision to try and close Sacred Stone comes shortly after the tribal council’s decision to use $3.2 million of the money donated towards their debts.

At a glance it would appear that the tribal council lost sight of what this movement was initially started for, to protect the water.

As of now, the SRST have yet to release a statement in response to Allard’s public statement. TDH tried to reach out to the tribal council, but once again were met with voicemails that cannot receive any messages. We will keep you updated as this story develops.

by Meko Haze from: The Daily Haze

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