Apparently Kanye West Isn’t “Traditionally American” Enough to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration – Anti Media News

What’s more is that Kanye is a self-proclaimed Trump supporter- back in November he stated: “I didn’t vote but if would have voted for Trump.”

Despite being “a friend” of Trump’s, outwardly voicing his support for the president-elect, was it really that he wasn’t “traditional” enough? What exactly is “traditionally American”, anyhow? Apparently, that isn’t the real reason he wasn’t asked because other stars who Trump’s campaign reached out to aren’t even American. Perhaps what was meant was he wasn’t “White enough”, or suitable enough for a predominantly white conservative audience?

Binckes continues:

That being said, let’s go over the other “traditionally American” singers the inauguration team has asked to perform for them.

There’s Elton John, who Trump transition members said was going to be performing — but isn’t performing. Elton John is English.

There’s Charlotte Church, who also declined an invite to perform. She’s Welsh.

There’s Celine Dion, who said in December she declined an invitation to perform during the inauguration. Celine Dion is Canadian.

Wonder why Kanye West didn’t get a call?

What do you think the real reason Kanye wasn’t asked? If asked, do you think Kanye would have accepted the invitation? Will you be watching the historic inauguration tomorrow?

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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