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Two police officers in Westmoreland County are on leave from their departments after being seen hitting a suspect in a video that was shared on social media. The video was captured by Andrea Baker of New Kensington, PA, who was startled by a noise she heard outside of her home. She rushed to the door to investigate and discovered the police outside ‘arresting’ a suspect.

According to Andrea,

I heard someone outside screaming “I can’t breath” so I went to look and seen this.. I wish I could’ve got it from the beginning. They were stepping on his neck, punching and shooting him with their taser gun while he’s already hand cuffed on the ground.

The victim in this video is  40-year-old Justin Harvey.  According to the criminal complaints, police where chasing Harvey for several offenses, including receiving stolen property, eluding a police officer, reckless driving, and disarming a law enforcement officer. Police also claim that he resisted arrest and that a weapon was found in his possession.

Let’s say for the moment that everything the police alleges is true. Does that give them the right to brutally beat a defenseless man, who is handcuffed, and who was struggling to breath because three police officers couldn’t restrain themselves? The answer is no.

Todd Hollis, Mr. Harvey’s attorney, said:

It’s disheartening because you want to build trust with the community but when you look at videos like that, how can you suggest that? One officer standing on the back of this young man, another officer punching him, another officer jumping off his back, all while this young man is handcuffed.

One thing to note is that NONE of the police officers involved in this  horrific beating reported any injuries. With the victim in this case not assaulting, or threatening to assault, the police, what justification can they possibly come up with for beating, hitting, kicking, chocking, and jumping up and down on, a completely restrained, subdued, and handcuffed man?

I would like to personally thank Andrea Baker for having the courage to record and upload this video. Andrea is on the receiving end of the typical copsucker threats and demeaning comments. Some have made insulting comments as to her race, intelligence, and even her parenting abilities for simply recording the video. Again, thanks Andrea for helping expose the corrupt and abusive cops. I can only imagine what their wives and children go through at home, behind closed doors.

(Article From Cop Block)

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