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Yesterday, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. Because of lewd comments the business tycoon has made in the past, as well as certain policies pushed forward by individuals who now serve in his cabinet, millions of women in America took to the streets the day after his inauguration, January 21, 2017.

According to numbers tallied by Jeremy Pressman, a professor at UConn, it’s estimated that approximately 3.2 million women participated in the Women’s March across the nation – a new record! USUncut points out that the number is expected to increase as more figures are received.

3.2 million women is a lot, considering 250,000 people attended Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963. Another notable protest was the Anti-Vietnam war protest which occurred in 1963 as well, in Washington DC, and drew a crowd of 500,000 to 600,000. To put the number of protestors into perspective, consider that the march on Washington DC for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation (in 1993) drew a crowd between 800,000 and 1 million.

One thing’s for certain: women in America aren’t ready to relinquish their rights which were hard-earned in the past and are still being fought for.

By: Amanda Froelich From: True Activist

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