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The multiple witnesses are outraged at the behavior of the officers, openly asking for someone to record. Thankfully, at least one person was, and she did a decent job of keeping her camera pointed at the dangerous, adrenaline-pumped officers. New Hampshire police departments have made the news recently because finding police recruits has been difficult. Is it any wonder why? Officers are tasked with arresting peaceful people for victimless crimes like possession of cannabis and over time more and more people fall victim to these “crimes”, which wears away people’s trust in the police. They are frequently seen as a threat to freedom rather than keepers of the peace.

While some who are very familiar with the various incidents of police violence from around the United States will likely watch this video and consider it tame in comparison to other incidents elsewhere, that’s more of a testament to how desensitized to the violence and militarization of the police that we have become. New Hampshire police tend to be better on average than many departments, but “badge-heavy” cops can still be found here, though they are thankfully up against a population who have been raised with the “live free or die” mentality.

Kudos to the good people who called out the police for their bad behavior, while it was happening. If more people shamed them for aggressing against peaceful people, maybe they’d get the message they should use their discretion more often and focus their efforts only on violent crimes.

Kristolaitis has only been charged with “disorderly conduct” and surprisingly not charged with “resisting arrest”, so officers aren’t even trying to claim that, as they frequently do when they want to make the victim look bad. An arraignment is scheduled for March 1st at Keene District Court and Kristolaitis is talking to an attorney about the situation. Stay tuned to Free Keene for any updates.

(Article From Cop Block)

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