Texas Cop Runs Over 15yo Boy, Leaves Car On for 10 Minutes as He ‘Burned Alive’ – Anti Media News

According to the Robert Ranco, the boy’s attorney, Gonzalez was a suspect in a burglary. However, Ranco said that case had been settled but did not provide details.

He told the Daily Telegraph that although Gonzalez had been “involved in some malfeasance,” that should not be a factor in the brutality suit.

“This case is particularly egregious and horrifying due to the nature of the injuries and the callousness of the officers’ behavior at the scene,” Ranco said. “How can you run over a kid, then leave him under the car — refusing to move the vehicle off of him or even turn the car off — while the child’s flesh is burning underneath the engine for more than ten minutes?”

(from The Free Thought Project)

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