US Veterans To Return To Standing Rock After Dapl Decision To Continue – Anti Media News

Veteran volunteers prepare for support missions and mobilization to Standing Rock.

“In the past two weeks the turmoil and uncertainty at Standing Rock has increased significantly. We have continued to stay in contact with indigenous and camp leadership and have identified several areas where the Veterans Stand network can continue to serve the needs of the camp and local community.” said Veterans

And they have published a press release for medias and people. Read it below:


LOS ANGELES, CA : In response to recent aggressions and the passing of legislation which clears the way for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Veterans Stand is announcing that we will continue operations in support of the people of Standing Rock, the Water Protectors who have held the front lines, and the sustainability of our precious environment.

In the past two weeks the turmoil and uncertainty at Standing Rock has increased significantly. As we continue to monitor and stay in contact with the indigenous and camp leadership we see several areas where Veterans Stand and our network can continue to serve the local community.

In the spirit of service, and in the name of a free and evolutionary sustainable America, Veterans Stand is committed to ensuring that no human or civil rights violations go unchecked, that the voices of the people are truly heard, and that we leave behind a stable and unpolluted environment for future generations.

Respectfully, Veterans Stand Team

About Veterans Stand: Our mission is to unite citizens and all members of humanity through our shared military service; and to fulfill our promise to defend America from enemies, foreign and domestic, by combating the oppression of our fellow human beings and working to create a better future through continued sacrifice and service.

From: The Indigenous People

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