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The owner of the controversial cafe is confident that the venture won’t be deemed illegal.

Businessman Bradley Charvet is ruffling feathers by opening London’s first ‘blow job cafe’ in Paddington. In addition to selling coffee, the one-of-a-kind establishment will also offer fellatio services – performed by sex robots.

According to RT, 15-minute oral sex sessions will be served along with an espresso. The cost? £60 (US$78). Those who feel exhausted by the service will have to pay extra for a pastry. Charvet makes the argument that studies have found that sex in the morning is good for one’s health, which is why the business might be beneficial to society. He told the Daily Star:

“Everyone is drinking coffee daily. And nothing is better to start a working day than engaging in sexual action, US research has found.”

While this venture might seem incredibly odd – and maybe even offensive – to some people, Charvet is adamant that in the future, businesses of the type will be seen as “totally normal.”

Earlier this year, the entrepreneur was in the news when he announced that he wanted to launch a ‘fellatio cafe’ modeled on similar businesses which exist in Thailand. Dr. BJ’s Salon, for example, is open to customers in Bangkok, where individuals venture from around the world to receive sex services. When he relayed his intention, skeptics said the business would be halted due to Britain’s stringent anti-prostitution laws. Charvet, on the other hand, is confident the cafe won’t be deemed illegal.

“Sex robots will always be pleasing and could even become better at technique because they would be programmable to a person’s need,” elaborates Charvet.

Charvet is insistent that the cafe will become a central meeting ground for friends. He envisions friends meeting up to chat, drink coffee, and casually enjoy robotic sex acts.

“The bar is the place to meet people, to extend your network and the way to start the morning,” says the businessman. “What could be better than meet your friends around a cafe and to enjoy a nice blow job from a sex robot?”

If the business is allowed to open, Charvet intends to offer eight robots who will be dressed in a variety of costumes. He says, “Uniforms are going to be worn: nurse, police, student, and secretary.” Additionally, he hopes to open a 24/7 ‘blow job cafe’ in the heart of Manchester.

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