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Ever since Trump’s Inauguration, several community radio stations have been hacked by someone to play YG’s song ‘F— Donald Trump’.

Sunny 107.9 WFBS-LPFM out in Salem, South Carolina normally plays “classic hits and beach music”. But not last night!

President Frank Patterson of the Lake Keowee Broadcasting Group wrote the following since-deleted message via their Facebook page:

Our internet has been HACKED at our transmitter site and the station has played anti-Trump songs. This is NOT our broadcast! We at WFBS do not take political views! The FCC and WFBS are working together to fix this situation ASAP. We may be on or off the air while fixing, this is happening all over the country.

Today the Sunny 107.9 put out the following statement:

We would like to thank our local TV stations who have helped get the word out about what happened to our station last night. Thanks to Fox Carolina, News Channel 7 WSPA, and News 4 WYFF. Coming up tonight at 11:00 pm News 4 will air and interview about what happened. And to all of our listeners and supporters of our station. Thank you for your comments and supports. You folks are as mad as we are. Rest assured that we have taken every possible security measures to keep this from happening again. Unfortunately, this may happen again. We will try our best to keep this from occurring.

Here’s what was played instead of oldies last night:

This was just one of many small radio stations around America that played ‘F— Donald Trump’ unintentionally! An R&B oldies station KCGF-LP 100.5 FM in San Angelo, Texas played the song. Other hijacked stations include Murfreesboro, Tennessee Spanish language station El Jefe 96.7, Evansville, Indiana Catholic radio station Mother of the Redeemer, and Louisville, Kentucky non-profit local music station Crescent Hill Radio.

Is this a harmless form of activism against Trump? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and in the comments section below.

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