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The victim said she would shoot herself if the attackers were not arrested.

In a disturbing video that surfaced online, men were caught on camera beating a woman with a stick on a busy street after she resisted their advances. According to the woman, she was simply trying to ask for directions when out with her husband and daughter, when she talked back to one of the disrespectful men and the violence ensued.

“I was asking a few persons about Ajay’s shop, but they said that come inside with us, we will tell you. I asked him to talk with respect. But he started abusing us and started fighting. The person used a stick to beat my husband, but hit me instead,” said the victim.

The woman has threatened to shoot herself if all culprits are not arrested. She stated that the men went so far as to pull at her dupatta, a cloth arranged over her chest and shoulders, and grope her before she was able to pull away from them.

Her young daughter watched on in horror, and in a photo taken after the incident she is shown sobbing after witnessing the brutal attack. Though the husband attempted to stop the beating, he got caught up in it and the surrounding crowd does nothing to help the victims.

Police Superintendent Sunil Saxena said, “We have registered the case and after that the medical checkup was done…. The accused was arrested within hours of the incident and after that a special team has been made to arrest the remaining culprits. We have made a team which includes the surveillance team and sub-inspectors. I am monitoring that; soon we will complete the remaining proceedings.”

According to Vijay Bahadur Pathak, a senior member of the party running in an election opposite the current Samajwadi Party, crime in the region has run rampant and the elected officials have done nothing to stop it. Unless citizens and police become fearful of the enforcement that comes with breaking the law or being involved in corruption, little will change about how women are treated on the streets or even at home, as sexual assault is common in the nation because of long-held sexist beliefs.

Watch the video below of the incident that occurred at the market.

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