Police Raid Standing Rock Camp, Dismantle Tipis and Burn What is Left – Anti Media News

Police have invaded the camp (which is on private land), mass arrested protectors, and dismantled tipis.

Alternative Media Syndicate reports that reports are rolling in that police had taken down tipis and burned whatever remained.

Many of the live streaming videos were blocked, but some were able to get them through on Facebook.

The Santa Monica Observer reported, “It appears that police stormed the camp on Wednesday afternoon, arresting camp leaders and sending the others off in their cars, but denying access for them to retreat to the main camp. They have set fire to anything left at the camp.”

Donald Trump, who owns shares in DAPL parent company Energy Transfer Partners, has ordered the Corp of Engineers to expedite pipeline construction. The legality of the order, which could bypass environmental and historical evaluations, has not yet been heard in court. Local law enforcement has chosen to use the order as an excuse to cast people out into the cold and destroy their possessions, despite the fact that the camp is located on private land and the police are trespassing.

Please watch these and hep spread the word about what is happening.

Johnny Danger live streamed from the site of this injustice…


Shiyé Bidzííl once again live streamed and related the following message…

Chase IronEyes has been arrested!!!! And the police have been taking down tipis on new camp!! Because its on private land.

The police are trespassing on private land to enforce Donald Trump’s illegal executive order allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline to move forward.

Following that live stream, Shiye reported that police were blocking roads and access to the main Oceti Sakowin camp, saying: “B.I.A. Has blocked road access to main camp by cannonball pit stop.”

Please help spread the news of these injustices and Stand With Standing Rock!

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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