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Speri continues:

Reports, investigations and surveys from numerous agencies and departments all point to the same conclusions. That nothing to little is being done about this is damning. While all the evidence points to domestic terrorism being the major threat, no one in authority seems to care or take any real steps to addressing it. While bans are being put in place supposedly to protect against potential foreign grown terrorist infiltration .

What was encouraging during the previous Obama administration was that the American people started to revolt and important discussions about race relations between officers and the public were brought to light. Movements like Black Lives Matter, catalyzed by the high-profile killings of unarmed Black men at the hands of law enforcement highlighted the deep-rooted issues involving racial bias and the boys in blue. But now, with a new President that sees any dissent against the state and “anti-police” sentiments to be incongruent with American values and American safety, it seems what little progress made will be erased.

With Trump as the new leader and with his new administration comes a new age in America where many racists feel emboldened in their beliefs. Perhaps now, however, they can openly and proudly put on display their deplorable views seeing that their new President seems to share their sentiments.  The current President was voted in by those expressing the same racist, bigoted views as his own. Simi added, “I have never seen anything like it among white supremacists, where they express this feeling of triumph and jubilee. They are just elated about the idea that they feel like they have somebody in the White House who gets it.”

 (Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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