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Since President Trump’s crushing upset of a win last November, in its wake in what has since been called the “Trump effect”- the nation has seen a surge in hate related crimes from coast to coast. Those who previously held their bigoted views in the shadows now have a President with similar values and have since come out of the woodwork to express their deplorable sentiments, sometimes in ways involving violence.

In a recent video that has since gone viral with over 1.5 million views, an elderly Korean woman taking a leisurely stroll in Koreatown, Los Angeles can be seen being punched in the back of the head and then falling to the ground, sustaining bloody facial injuries as her cowardly assailant feels on foot. But despite her assailant allegedly shouting “White Power!” just before the attack- the assault will not be investigated as a hate crime by the LAPD who has come to the conclusion that the crime was not racially motivated.

As reported by Breanna Edwards for The Root writes:

The assailant allegedly yelled “white power” before running away, according to a post reportedly shared across Facebook that has since been made private, but LAPD Sgt. Randy Espinoza says that there’s no evidence the attack was racially motivated, the Los Angeles Times reports. According to Espinoza, none of the witnesses told investigators that the suspect, who has been apprehended, made any racial remarks.

The attack unfolded Wednesday when officers were called to the scene around 2:30 p.m. A witness told officers that the suspect punched the elderly woman in the back of her head, causing her to fall to the ground.

Seng Vongphrachanh, who lives in Koreatown, didn’t see the actual attack but said that he and another man chased down the attacker. The female assailant, he told the Times, seemed “out of it” and repeatedly yelled “power is power” and the n-word. Vongphrachanh said that he gave detectives the same account of events.

The victim sustained a 1-inch cut to her left cheek as a result of her fall and also had some pain in her knee, Epinoza said. The victim told investigators through a translator that she was caught off guard and didn’t know what hit her, the Times reports. Police said that it was not immediately clear what motivated the attack.

The 27-year-old suspect gave her name as Patty Garcia, but Epinoza said that fingerprints identified her as Alexis Duvall. She is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail. Epinoza said that the suspect appeared to be under the influence or mentally ill and said she was homeless. Epinoza added that she was yelling obscenities at officers as she was being booked.

In the post that reportedly went viral late Wednesday, a Facebook user who described herself as a friend of a witness wrote that the assailant yelled “white power.” The post, according to the Times, also featured a photo of the victim being treated for facial injuries.

While the assault is not being treated as a hate crime due to lack of evidence of it being such- is it really that far of a stretch in light of the current anti-immigrant climate that such a crime could occur? Trump’s administration and the propaganda they purport that immigrants are unwelcome and to be feared for the “safety of America” leaves visible minorities open targets to attacks like these for some time to come, and actually, makes America less safe than it was before.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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