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Right-wing skinheads allegedly attacked two grad students at a New York Lower East Side bar over the weekend because of an anti-fascist sticker on one of their cellphone cases.

The two Columbia University graduate students, who were brothers, left Clockwork bar at 12:30 AM Friday night. Skinheads honed in on them after noticing an NYC Antifa sticker on one of the student’s phones.

Antifa is a worldwide anti-fascist network that opposes neo-Nazis and the far-right.

The victims, who wish to remain anonymous, told local news:

“One of the guys sees [my brother’s] phone, grabs it and starts screaming, ‘I know what the f— that means, I know what the f— that sticker is, you need to get the f— out of here. He throws the phone on the ground and they just start jumping us right in front of the bar.”

The brothers were attacked and beaten by about six or seven white supremacists, some of which were using brass knuckles. They were dressed in matching vests with “211 Crew” patches. 211 Crew is a New York area white supremacy gang that was originally formed in 1995 at Colorado’s Denver County Jail.

211 Crew Tattoo

The brothers tried to run away but were chased down and beaten again a few blocks from Clockwork Bar.

“One of the guys pulled a knife on my brother first and starts slashing at him. Then the guy with the knife starts coming over to me … His buddy grabs him and I guess at that point they all decide to run off.”

As the brothers called 911, they were noticed by police officers that just happened to be nearby in an unmarked car. One of the skinheads was pointed out by the victims. The officers arrested John Young, 29, of Washington, D.C., and charged him with assault, menacing, criminal mischief, and weapon possession.

The two brothers were sent to a hospital and required staples to close head wounds suffered during the attack.

Clockwork Bar customers, one of whom was a friend of the victims, voiced their opinions in the form of negative 1-star reviews on the bar’s Yelp page:

“A pretty decent dive bar up until my friends got attacked by some 221 Crew white power alliance at the bar in which NO ONE had attempted to help… Do yourself a favour, if you have any dignity, and stay the f— away from this place.”

“Great place if you like being jumped by Nazis (this literally happened, look it up.) Disgusting that this place supports that kind of scum clientele”

“Enjoys serving Neo-Nazis who recently attempted to kill some patrons. As detestable as the moneyed trust fund kids are, they are several spots better than fascists who, while likely abused children from KKK infested Suffolk County, affiliate themselves with a white supremacy group. Boycott till it’s shut down or they publicly come out with a statement and start barring entry to America haters.”

Clockwork Bar issued a statement on their Facebook page saying that the bar “does not endorse, sympathize, or invite the views of neo nazi, supremacist or any hate groups. They are not welcome in our bar.” They also posted the following image:




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