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For the first time in history, U.S intelligence operatives are withholding intel from the White House because they believe that Russia will be relayed any information they tell President Trump and his administration.

Trump has lost the trust of senior intelligence officials by openly criticizing the FBI and declining the traditional daily intelligence briefing given to Presidents. He receives the briefing only about once a week. “I get it when I need it,” he once told Fox News. “You know, I’m, like, a smart person.”

This now leaves the United States in a precarious condition: If security forces can’t trust the President (the one who is supposed to be the nation’s MOST trusted individual) to keep the country safe, how will agencies independently be able to do so? The mutual distrust that the intelligence community and the Trump administration have for each other will only leave America more vulnerable to potential foreign and domestic threats, moving the nation into uncharted territory when it comes to national security.

As David Ferguson reports for Raw Story:

The New York Observer — which is owned by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner — reported Sunday that the intelligence community (IC) is “pushing back” against an administration it believes is incompetent, dishonest, leaky and “penetrated by the Kremlin.”

“Our Intelligence Community is so worried by the unprecedented problems of the Trump administration — not only do senior officials possess troubling ties to the Kremlin, there are nagging questions about basic competence regarding Team Trump — that it is beginning to withhold intelligence from a White House which our spies do not trust,” wrote former analyst for the National Security Agency Jack R. Schindler.

Not only has Trump gone out of his way to discredit the nation’s spy agencies, his main national security guru, Gen. Mike Flynn either appears to by lying about his conversations with the Russian government about U.S. sanctions or can’t remember breaking the law.

“Whether Flynn is monumentally stupid or monumentally arrogant is the big question that hangs over this increasingly strange affair,” Schindler wrote.

One of Flynn’s top aides was denied a security clearance, and although they have not made public exactly what caused them to deny Rob Townley access to Sensitive Compartmentalized Information, Schindler believes that it is a sign that the IC is going to be taking a harder line with the administration.

Most worrisome of all is the fact that — as one senior Pentagon official told Schindler — our nation’s spies believe that “the Kremlin has ears inside the SITROOM,” otherwise known as the Situation Room, where the nation’s most protected secrets are discussed.

“There’s not much the Russians don’t know at this point,” the official said.

Schindler wrote, “None of this has happened in Washington before. A White House with unsettling links to Moscow wasn’t something anybody in the Pentagon or the Intelligence Community even considered a possibility until a few months ago. Until Team Trump clarifies its strange relationship with the Kremlin, and starts working on its professional honesty, the IC will approach the administration with caution and concern.”

If Trump poisons his relationship with the IC, Schindler warned, the situation becaomes extremely risky because “President Trump is prone to creating crises foreign and domestic with his incautious tweets. In the event of a serious international crisis of the sort which eventually befalls almost every administration, the White House will need the best intelligence possible to prevent war, possibly even nuclear war. It may not get the information it needs in that hour of crisis, and for that it has nobody to blame but itself.”

The IC’s main concern is the safety of the nation, no matter what the ties Trump has with the Kremlin. The Trump administration, however, will spin the withholding of sensitive information from the White House to be an act proving their previous commentary about these agencies not being competent at their jobs and in line with turning their backs on America. Which ironically, should the IC’s concerns be true, would be what President Trump would be doing.

This would also come as no surprise because time after time it has been painfully apparent that President Trump is more interested in creating his own fascist regime than “Making America Great Again”. Any agency or institution that has confronted Trump head-on has only been met with hostility, threats of defunding, and gag orders. Should Trump do this to the very agencies that are assigned to protect America, who will keep us safe and what is the alternative?

(Artice by Tasha Sharifa)

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