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A Tucson cosmetology student is being investigating after giving free haircuts to homeless people in the area.

Juan Carlos Montesdeoca has given dozens of free haircuts to the homeless at the Santa Rita Park over the past few months, reported Tucson News Now.

“Out of the kindness of my heart. Out of the memory of my mom, because she lost her hair,” Juan Carlos Montesdeoca said.

Montesdeoca, who has also been homeless in the past, wanted to help the community however he could and he thought he was doing a good deed for Tucson by offering the haircuts for homeless.

It had been a very long time for some of his customers since their last trim.

“About seven months was the longest one, another lady was about two years without a basic trim.”

When his Regency Beauty school shut down last September, he decided to take his skills to the streets to help those that need it. He was shocked when he found out he was being investigated by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology for practicing without a license. “They can suspend – even before I even try to get a license, they can say no. That would be very very unfortunate,” he says.

Donna Aune, the board’s executive director, said they stand by the words written in the state statute that says in part “A person shall not perform or attempt to perform cosmetology without a license or practice in any place other than in a licensed salon.”

Montesdeoca didn’t know his generosity was illegal, and is now concerned that his future in cosmetology may be at risk because the laws do not allow him to legally help the homeless community.

“They can suspend – even before I even try to get a license, they can say no. That would be very very unfortunate,” Montesdeoca said.

Aune said working outside a licensed salon and using an unlicensed person, is a “real risk.”

Governments have made it illegal to feed the homeless, house the homeless, and even for homeless to have blankets. Now we can add free haircuts to the list of things governments prevent people from doing to help the homeless.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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