[Video] Police Teargas Protesters in Paris Anti-Cop Theo Riots – Anti Media News



Masked and hooded men are seen lobbing projectiles and kicking at officers clad in riot gear, before running back to a safe distance. In another video, a police cordon forms around a crowd emerging out of the station, with apparent bystanders caught up in the violence.


Live video transmissions from the transport hub show police eventually regaining control, as perpetrators fade back into the crowd. No arrests or injuries have been confirmed as a result of the incident.

Theo says that the officers pinned him against a wall and intentionally abused him, while the officers insist that they were simply following established procedures. One officer has been charged with rape, and the other three with assault; all have been suspended from the force.


As news of the police brutality spread, many gathered to protest the injustice, most of the protesters are from minority groups. Some of the protests have been peaceful, others have involved burning vehicles, trash, shops, and other flammable materials.

These protests have resulted in the arrest of over 200 people so far.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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