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According to an article in the Briarwood Presbyterian Church and Briarwood Christian School wants to have it’s own police force. HB 45 would allow religious centers to hire their own police force, HB 45 would also make it a hate crime to criticize first responders.

Church attormey Eric Johnston claims, police would be patrolling their campuses and churches in ‘church’ police vehicles and claims they won’t have a jail.

Johnston couldn’t imagine ‘church’ police having jails? Don’t believe him, when campus police replaced campus security, officials said the same thing.

Lawmakers said that allowing a private church to have its own police force, would be like opening pandora’s box.

“What do we do when other church affiliates come and ask for the same thing?” questioned Rep. Mary Moore (D-Birmingham). “They’re not a college. They’re a church and they’re a church asking for police jurisdiction.”

America already has over 900,000 cops and the Feds just agreed to create 10,000 more immigration cops. Can you imagine what will happen if religious organizations are allowed to hire there own police?

Imagine what would have happened if the Branch Davidians or Charles Manson had a police force?

Can you imagine a Church of Scientology police force?


‘Church’ police answer only to church leadership

“Who do the officers answer to?” asked Rep. Chris England.

“They would answer to the leadership of the section of the church,” a representative from the church answered.

Will ‘church’ police arrest sexual abuse victims?

For years, religious groups have tried to keep allegations of sexual abuse a secret. How long will it be before ‘church’ police arrest kids who claim they were sexually abused by religious leaders? What happens to ‘church’ police chain of evidence? What happens when ‘church’ police are notified about kids using drugs or alcohol, will they be arrested? (for more info. about police arresting sexual abuse victims click here.)

How long will it take for ‘church’ police to knock on worshipers doors, because they stopped attending services or left the church? Will police us a ‘Worship Alert’ similar to an ‘Amber Alert’ to locate missing worshipers?

  • Will ‘church’ police arrest worshipers for talking during services or for speeding in their parking lots?
  • Will ‘church’ police harass and intimidate worshipers who don’t donate enough money?
  • Will religious leaders harass worshipers into giving more money to pay for their police force?

Will ‘church’ police use drones and helicopters?

Imagine being shocked by a ‘church’ stun gun. Imagine being shot by ‘church” bullets or sprayed with ”church’ pepper spray. Do you think the ‘church’ police will use holy water to wash the pepper spray out of a persons eyes?

And last but not least, can you imagine ‘church’ MRAP’s?

What’s left to police?

Off-duty cops already work in retail stores, liquor stores, night clubs and bars. And police have forced hair stylists, nail technicians, barbers, doctors and pharmacists to work for them.

Soon, there’ll be no place to hide from Police State America.

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