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Since Trump’s stunning win back in November, we have reported that more than ever– hate crimes have been on the rise. In a recent display of the direction the country is headed in, with much thanks our outwardly bigoted president legitimizing hate with his mass deportations and sweeping ban on Muslims- a man was recently kicked off a United Airlines flight suggesting a Pakistani woman and her Indian-American partners had a bomb in their luggage.

As reported on

The unidentified flier en route from Chicago to Texas was removed Saturday evening for “making other customers feel uncomfortable” and disobeying crew members’ instructions, airline spokesman Jonathan Guerin told the Daily News.

One woman on the flight who took video of the man being asked to leave told KHOU that he insulted the couple.

“That’s not a bomb in your bag, is it?” he allegedly asked multiple times.

It is no wonder that many Americans see brown folks as terrorists, as this is how our very own president sees them. The president believes people of color are criminals, terrorists, and unwelcome to be here, so why shouldn’t ordinary Americans be entitled to feel the same?

The article continues:

The fellow passengers said that the man then asked where her boyfriend, who is Indian-American, was from before saying that all foreigners need to leave the country.

He was eventually asked to leave, and said “Happy flight home, I hope you stay there” as his female companion flipped off the camera.

“This is not Trump’s America,” one passenger said, while another added “bye racists.”

Guerin said that the pair’s tickets were refunded and that they found another way home.

While airlines themselves have been guilty of discriminating passengers based on race or perceived religion- at least in this case it can be said the airline did the right thing.

Watch the cringe-worthy exchange between the racists and airline workers:

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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