Millions Will Lose Health Coverage With GOP Proposal – Anti Media News

“I heard some very disturbing information,” Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat from Washington, said. “We’re going to have to make sure that does not happen.”

Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican from Kentucky, seems to support the republican proposal and suggests that under Obamacare, people were covered but doctors frequently refused to see them. He provides no evidence to support the massive denials his opinion suggests.

“What do we want out of the health care system? We want healthier outcomes,” he told reporters. “That should be the ultimate goal. Simply enrolling people serves absolutely no value if all we’ve given them is a plastic card that says you’re now covered. They take that to a doctor who won’t see them.”

McKinsey, which estimated the coverage declines, told Vox the numbers could change significantly as Republicans’ refine their plans. The consulting firm provided the following statement:

The illustration on the impact of changes in subsidy structure must be viewed in full context with the range of potential changes states may choose to take. As Congress develops details to balance cost and coverage priorities, the illustrative example shows the potential effects of a single subsidy proposal change based on 2015 methodology that was publicly available. We recognize that the proposal is dated and continues to evolve.

Further, results vary significantly state by state, so the illustrative examples cannot be extrapolated to national impact. And, it must be viewed in full context with the range of potential changes states may choose to take, which includes a number of potential reforms that could reduce the costs of care and dramatically improve coverage. McKinsey also discussed potential options — such as enhanced federal funding for state innovation grants — that could lower premiums and boost enrollment.

The republican party has always been far more anti-poor people than the democratic party, but now they are going too far. They intend to remove health care from millions of poor. We cannot just sit back and continue to allow them to take away people’s health.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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