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President Trump is not one to take criticism with grace. Since he took office millions of Americans, and even folks from around the globe took to the streets protest what seems to be unfolding as his fascist regime. Protests in support of undocumented immigrants, denouncing his Islamophobic “Muslim Ban”, and the Women’s March on Washington were amongst those with the largest attendance. Not to be outdone, President Trump made the bold statement that should there be “Pro Trump” rallies be organized, they would be the largest ones of all. In signature Trump fashion he took to twitter to rally the masses but the end result- (much to his lament, and the celebration of his opponents) those that did their best to meet his demands fell far short his expectations. View the sad (and humorous) turnouts to Trump rallies across the nation as shared on Alternet:

President Donald Trump last week called on his supporters to hold massive rallies on his behalf, and on Monday some of them.

However, although Trump predicted that pro-Trump rallies would be the “biggest of them all,” photos from around the country show sparsely attended events that at most show a couple hundred people in a given location.

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale posted some photos that he’s seen around Twitter that show tiny crowds at assorted Trump rallies. Dale notes that pro-Trump news website Breitbart predicted the events would be “massive.”

Taking a look at specific locations, the pro-Trump rally in Raleigh, North Carolina featured a tiny crowd of dozens of people:

The crowds were similarly small in downtown Atlanta.

In St. Augustine, Florida, meanwhile, it appeared that maybe 100 people showed up to rally behind the president.

And in Denver, a local photographer estimates that around 200 people attended a pro-Trump rally in front of the state capitol.

Here, meanwhile, was the scene in Bellingham, Washington:

For comparison, the first anti-Trump Women’s March in Washington, D.C. drew hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, while millions more marched with them in solidarity in cities around the country.

How do you think Trump will explain this away? It should be interesting how press secretary Spicer will spin “alternative facts” to explain these dismal turnouts in support of the president, but in true Trump administration fashion they will explain it away most likely be blaming it on anything or anyone other than themselves rather than admitting to the blundering job they’re doing.

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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