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It seems that every week we are reporting incidents of hate crimes, and the momentum doesn’t seem to stop. While hate crimes against all minorities have been on the rise- in an unsurprising revelation- Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim are at the highest of the target list being the most hated demographic in the United States. While the mass majority of America’s citizens call for equality for all and stand up against Islamophobia,  with a bigoted president with a clear agenda against Muslims in America and abroad, those who previously hid their hate have now come out of the woodwork having their views legitimized by their new president. While in a mere span of two weeks three Inidan American men have been shot by a white supremacist shouting “Get out of my country” the most recently highly publicized hate crimes involves an eerily similar series of events.

As reported on Koin.com:

SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — A 52-year-old man is being accused of a hate crime after allegedly attacking a restaurant employee with a metal pipe and calling him a terrorist.

Jason Kendall yelled and screamed at the employee inside Al-Aqsa Restaurant on State Street in Salem, police said. The victim reportedly asked Kendall to leave. He did, but came back 5 minutes later yelling, “Get out of America!” and “Arab, you need to leave, a–hole!”

The employee told police Kendall threw a plastic object and hit him in the head, then came at him with a metal pipe and hit the victim in the head. The victim told police it left a small bump on his head.

Kendall told the arresting officer he saw a “Saddam Hussein-looking guy” and believed a woman in the restaurant was a slave. Kendall told police he went into the restaurant to tell her she was “free to leave.”

Kendall also said he saw an “evil totem” with Arabic writing on it that he threw at the employee/victim. Kendall told police he thought the man had an ice pick hidden under a napkin so he defended himself by hitting the victim in the head with the pipe.

The incident is being considered a hate crime. Kendall faces felony assault and unlawful use of a weapon charges, plus a count of misdemeanor intimidation.

In a country where existing while Arab, brown or any variation in between can get you killed, today’s policial climate has created a breeding ground for hateful White supremacists to feel emboldened enough to take it upon themselves to rid America of those that they and President Trump deem as the scourge of the earth. Until President Trump stops creating legislation that is inherently Anti-Immigrant, and Anti-Muslim backing  up the deplorable sentiments of racists across the nation- crimes like these will continue to be on the rise.

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)


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