Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Rips Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Demented’ Spying Microwave Claims – Anti Media News

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was baffled by Kellyanne Conway’s belief that U.S. intelligence agents spy on us through out microwaves. You can watch interesting the video clip below.

The White House adviser appeared to cite purported CIA documents dumped online by WikiLeaks to defend President Donald Trump’s accusation that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had ordered a wiretap against him during the election campaign, reported Travis Gettys of Raw Story.

“The last time I saw her on television she said the president has access to information you all don’t, and therefore it might be true,” Brzezinski said. “Now she is saying our microwaves can look at us.”

Mike Barnicle, a veteran journalist and “Morning Joe” panelist, described WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his organization as “enemies of America,” and he also pointed out Trump repeatedly praised their work during the campaign, when they were targeting Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Brzezinski said Conway is not on the show anymore because of her compulsive lies, many of which are even debunked by the White House.

“This is Kellyanne Conway talking about microwaves,” Brzezinski said, “and I think doing something extremely destructive and using everything she can to sort of boost her own power within this White House, which seems to have a demented twist to at least one side of, that we all need to look at really seriously.”

Conway was asked whether evidence showed Trump Tower had been targeted by a wiretap. Rather than answer the question, she suggested surveillance could be conducted through electronic devices such as phones, Tvs, and microwaves that turn into cameras.

Jon Meacham, executive editor at Random House, said the “melancholy reality” was that Conway was working to undermine trust in government and institutions, which he said could trigger paranoid fantasies in people with mental health issues.

“The historical analogy here is the birther conspiracy,” Meacham said, referring to an anti-Obama conspiracy theory promoted by Trump even after his birth certificate was made public. “We don’t have to go back very far, right?”

Brzezinski said Conway’s comments demonstrated why she would no longer be welcome as a guest on “Morning Joe.”

“She doesn’t believe in what she is saying,”Brzezinski said. “The reason we won’t have her on this show is because a lot of what she says is either not true or she has no idea what she is saying, and it ends up being debunked by the very White House she works for. During the campaign, when she was very adept at transferring Trump’s message and talented in some ways, and would get off the set and say she needed to take a shower, and she would call him her client. She doesn’t believe in what she’s saying.”

Brzezinski said Conway’s integrity and credibility issues demonstrated a fundamental flaw in the Trump administration.

“She is part of something here that might be a serious strain of this presidency that could end unfortunately hurting our republic if Washington doesn’t do its job,” Brzezinski said.

What is Conway thinking? Even if she does believe microwaves are being used as cameras to spy on people, why would she say it on TV?

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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