How Plumbing, Not Vaccines, Eradicated Many Diseases – Anti Media News

While vaccines are often credited for eliminating most diseases, many people believe it was actually the addition of clean water and sewage systems that helped eradicate many of them. There is a lot of discussion today about whether or not vaccines are still necessary and their possible deadly and debilitating side effects, especially when given to small children. Unfortunately, much of this information is not made available to parents before they decide whether or not to vaccinate their children.

Organic Lifestyle Magazine reported on some of the details of the history of disease, vaccines, and plumbing::

While many medical professionals and the pharmaceutical companies are quick to take credit for our increased life expectancy, we should also be thanking plumbers. Vaccines need to stay optional, our governments should not demand people are injected. All of the information needs to be made available to parents before they follow the normal pattern of massive amounts of vaccines for their children and they should make an informed choice of what they believe is best for their child.

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