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Source: Bipartisan Report

State Senator Joey Hensley (R-TN) is an anti-gay family values politician who has proposed regressive and anti-gay laws time after time. Recently, the senator has had some pretty  horrible family values, as the married man has reportedly had an affair on his wife with one of his coworkers.

But wait, it gets better. The colleague he had an affair with was also a patient of his at the family medical office he practices at and…wait for it… his second cousin.

According to Pink News, the claims come after his cousin revealed the allegations of their affair in court while giving her testimony during her divorce trial with her husband.

Hensley is a Christian of the Pentecostal church and works also as a physician at a family practice. He has been a GOP senator since 2013 and has mainly worked to introduce a list of proposals that are anti-gay and regressive.

He also sponsored a bill that would have prohibited sex ed teachers from even speaking about homosexuality, deeming it to be irrelevant to the reproduction of a human being.

Hensley also sponsored a bill that would allow college counsellors to deny seeing any student – even ones who are suicidal- based on their religious beliefs, after a counselor was let go from their job after refusing to see an LGBT student. The senator thought this behavior was completely acceptable.

Last month, the homophobic senator introduced a bill which would deem children as illegitimate that are born through artificial insemination, even if the parents are married and agree to the procedure.

That’s pretty disgraceful for someone who thinks it’s okay to sleep with their cousin. Hensley has refused to attest at his cousin’s divorce trial, using his excuse to do so as being a state senator.

It was also discovered during his cousin’s divorce trial that Hensley was allegedly prescribing opioids to his cousin. The senator was then said to have pointed out that there is nothing illegal about subscribing opioid prescriptions to your patient/cousin/lover.

This man definitely has some strange family values and is a sad excuse for senator and family physician.

In the video below from 2015, courtesy of YouTube, the senator talks about why Tennessee physicians are so respected. Looks like he ruined that reputation.


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