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Prosecutors have sufficient evidence to prove the event happened, but a Florida cop accused of grabbing a woman’s head and forcing her to perform oral sex inside his patrol car will not face charges.

They claim they do not have enough evidence to prove the act was coerced or forced.

Now the Internal Affairs at Orlando Police Department will conduct their own investigation to determine whether Detective Angel Burgos violated departmental policy and procedures with his actions, reported WFTV.

The 18-year veteran remains on the job, but is currently on modified desk duty where he is not allowed to carry a badge and a gun.

The incident took place on December 15, 2016 when Burgos arrived at her house early one morning and asked her to step into his patrol car.

The woman knew Burgos from a previous case he had investigated, so she trusted him, according to BuzzFeed News, who interviewed her.

“He was an officer, I didn’t think much of it, I trusted him,” the woman, who asked her name not be used, told BuzzFeed News.

Inside, Burgos and the woman talked until he began telling her how beautiful she is and kissed her, while unzipping his pants and exposing his penis. When Burgos asked the woman to put her hand on his penis, she declined, and he then touched himself with one hand while squeezing the woman’s breasts with his other hand.

“I was in a vulnerable position, I felt alone and isolated,” the woman told BuzzFeed News. “You have someone who is in a position of power, you trust them … he took advantage of his position.”

The woman said he pleaded with her to “jerk him off,” but she continued to say no, until he grabbed her left hand and forced it onto his penis. When she pulled away, she said Burgos grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed her toward his lap.

The woman said she pulled away, telling him she did not want to do that — Burgos told her to “live in the moment.”

“I didn’t want to do it,” the woman said in her police interview. “I didn’t like the way he was acting about it. I didn’t like how he was turning. He wasn’t the same person. He started turning into this horny guy as opposed to the man that I respected.”

The woman finally gave in until she was able to break free from his grasp and pull away.

The woman gotout of the car and walked back to her home. She said the cop later called her, yelling and ordering her not to contact him again and asking if she was going to report him.

She decided to report him a week later, but she did not have high expectations of justice since it would be a case of the police investigating the police.

They did find the woman’s DNA on his pants, but it turns out it didn’t matter.

It is disgusting what perverts can get away with just because they are cops.  The justice system has failed this woman.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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