Ohio Cop “Accidentally” Deletes 100,000 Dash Cam Videos – Anti Media News

A Columbus, Ohio police officer deleted about  100,000 dash cam videos after he made a few “accidental” key strokes on March 8. To make matters even worse, they were not using any sort of backup system.

The mass deletion caused skepticism and distrust from many community members and activists who don’t believe the vanishing of 100,000 videos was an accident.

Police officials didn’t even realize the files disappeared until 5 days later on March 13, which prompted an internal affairs investigation to look into whether or not it was actually an accident.

The officer, who so far has not been named, deleted all of the department’s videos from 2015 and about 500 videos from last year.

If this officer gets away with mass deletion of the files, it would set a terrible precedent for other police departments.

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