Georgia Deputies Kill Unarmed Teen Then Lie To Family About Cause of Death [Video] – Anti Media News

Recently released dashcam video reveals that Georgia deputies killed a teenager, then lied to his family about it.

“I was originally told that he hit a tree at 80 mph,” Greg Dyksma said regarding his son who was actually killed by Harris County sheriff deputies, according to PINAC.

“Then the story changed to he hit a cop car at 10 mph. Then it changed to they pushed him off the road. So I heard all these stories, but nothing’s been confirmed.”

But dash cam footage confirms 18-year-old Nicholas Dyksma did not hit a tree, and did not die from hitting a cop car at 10 mph.

The video confirms deputy Thomas Pierson, who has since been arrested and indicted for sexually assaulting at least three women he pulled over during traffic stops, Tasered Nicholas Dyksma before yanking him from his pick up truck, throwing him to the asphalt and mashing his knee on the back of  teen’s neck for nearly a minute, asphyxiating and killing him.

Seeing the video was enough for Greg Dyksma to know something wasn’t right about the way cops treated his son and the video is now the basis of a federal lawsuit, which names Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley, Sgt. Joe Harmon as well as deputies Heath Dawsom, William Sturdevant and Tommy Pierson as defendants.

Cops need to be held accountable for their actions.  They should not get free passes to kill, they should be held to at least the same standard as everyone else.  Cops like these are the reason people are losing respect for police officers.

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