Russian Warship Heading For U.S. Navy Destroyers That Launched Syrian Attack – Anti Media News

Late last year, Grigorovich operated with the Kuznetsov carrier strike group off of Syria and fired missiles in support of the Russian-Syrian assault against rebels in Aleppo in November.

The Kremlin was quick to condemn the strike on the Syrian airfield which the U.S. alleges was the point of origin for a Tuesday chemical weapons attack on the city of Khan Sheikhoun. The strike by Assad government forces is believed to have killed dozens.

Russian and Syrian officials placed the blame on the strike on Islamic State forces.

As for the U.S., a Navy official on Friday told USNI News that destroyers USS Porter (DDG-78) and USS Ross (DDG-71) would continue a presence mission in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The ships are part of a quartet of U.S. destroyers that are forward deployed to Rota, Spain to primarily conduct ballistic missile defense operations in protection of Western Europe. However, the proximity of the ships to Syria and the ease of rearming them following Thursday’s strike made Rossand Porter ideal for the mission, the official said.

“Having these four ships forward deployed to the Med has been a huge help and it gives [leaders] this fast strike option,” the official said.

From: Anon News

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