Saudi Arabia Uses U.S.-Supplied White Phosphorus In Yemen – Anti Media News

The hypocrisy of U.S. leaders when it comes to chemical weapons is staggering.  While saying Syria needs attacked because there is a possibility President Assad used gas on his people, the U.S. also supplies Saudi Arabia with white phosphorus(a vicious chemical weapon that can maim and kill by burning to the bone) to use on the civilians of Yemen.

U.S. forces used white phosphorus in Iraq and Afghanistan according to the Washington Post. It sure seems strange that it is a huge tragedy that needs retaliation without evidence when chemical attacks happens in Syria, but the U.S. approves of similar chemical attacks in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gaza.

Should we believe that it is OK for the U.S. and its allies to use chemical weapons but if there is any chemical attack that can be blamed on an enemy, then the enemy should be condemned for doing exactly what the U.S. and its allies do? That just seems ridiculous, but it is exactly what U.S. leaders are doing.

The Washington Post reported on the U.S. supplied white phosphorus being used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen:

Why do we accept such hypocrisy from our leaders? Not only do we accept it from them, but a lot of Americans actually seem to believe the hype that what happened in Syria is the biggest tragedy of the year while conveniently forgetting the U.S. military used chemical weapons on civilians and sold chemical weapons to be used on civilians.

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