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We recently reported on Georgia officers that beat a non-combative man and kicked him in the head while he was handcuffed. Now it appears those cops are realizing they were not actually allowed to do that.

The 2 Georgia police officers that were involved in the assault of a man during a traffic stop, where one punched the man as his hands were raised, and the other stomped the man in the head as he was handcuffed, were fired Thursday, and they are under criminal investigation.

Not put on paid leave, not reassigned to a desk job and given a raise, they were fired and are being investigated.

NY Daily News reported the Gwinnett County Police Department announced Thursday that Master Police Officer Robert McDonald violated department policy and the law following video surfacing that showed McDonald assaulting his victim—identified as Demetrius Bryan Hollins—while assisting a supervisor who had called for backup during the traffic stop at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Authorities later announced that the supervisor, Police Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni, had also been fired after another video surfaced of him punching Hollins in the face as Hollins had his hands in the air.


“We acknowledge that the actions of these two officers have implications that will be felt for some time,” a police department statement said. “However, we also believe that our decisive action in terminating both officers speaks volumes about what is expected of each officer that wears a Gwinnett County police badge.”

The department has also opened criminal investigations into the behavior of the two officers. Results will be turned over to the county district attorney, who will then decide whether to bring criminal charges in the cases.

It was Bongiovanni who pulled Hollins over in Lawrenceville,Ga., just outside of Atlanta. A video filmed by a witness inside the vehicle behind the encounter shows Bongiovanni punching Hollins as he tries to stand with his hands up after getting out of the car.

The other video shows Bongiovanni yelling at the suspect and handcuffing him, then McDonald joins the party and stomps Hollins in the head.

It is good to see actual action from police departments when it comes to police brutality.  Hopefully these officers will be charged for their crimes as well as being fired.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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