Pipeline Spills 310,000 Cu Ft Of Gas In Pristine Water After Hole Blows In Pipe – Anti Media News

As pipelines continue to hemorrhage gas and oil, environmental activists worry about the area’s wildlife, particularly the endangered beluga whales that occupy the waters in Cook Inlet. The numerous leaks from Hilcorp’s pipelines, in particular, has led to a petition calling for inspection of all the pipelines in Cook Inlet.

The petition from the Center for Biological Diversity points out the fact that Hilcorp has been cited repeatedly by the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for violating safety regulations. An attorney for the organization, Kristen Monsell, is also quoted calling first for government-mandated inspection and repair and then for a rapid transition to cleaner energy sources.

‘To truly protect our coasts, we need to stop offshore drilling and rapidly transition to cleaner energy sources. But in the meantime, the government must discover and order the fix of faulty pipelines before another spill occurs — not after.’

The video below, available via YouTube, shows the effects the gas and oil leaks are having on Cook Inlet’s water.


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