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While it seems like a real independent inquiry would be in the best interests of both sides of the vaccine safety question, pro-vaccine mega billionaire Bill Gates disagrees and does not want an independent investigation into the safety of vaccines.

Rather than attempt to have vaccine ingredients that everyone considers safe, ingredients everyone agrees are NOT linked to diseases and that are NOT considered toxins, Gates met with President Trump at the White House in an attempt to convince the president to stop his plan for an independent inquiry into vaccine safety.

When asked if he talked vaccines with President Trump, who, prior to actually being elected, repeatedly called for an independent inquiry into the safety of vaccines, Gates responded:

“Absolutely!” Gates told Stat News. “They are miracles and have done great things, and when we get new ones, we can do a lot.”

Gates told the president “there is no need” for an independent inquiry into the safety of vaccines because he has “looked at it” and they are “completely safe.”

“I heard when [Trump] saw pharma guys he said he was still wondering about vaccines, but he did mention to them that I’d said to him that I’d looked at it and that they were completely safe and that we shouldn’t raise any doubts about that.”

Never mind the hundreds of thousands of Americans with first-hand, often tragic, experiences involving vaccines. Never mind the fact that millions of Americans, including the president, believe an independent inquiry (that excludes any influence from Big Pharma and the compromised FDA) must be held. Never mind these facts because Bill Gates, the richest man in the world and a committed eugenicist, says vaccines are “completely safe” and we “shouldn’t raise any doubts” about that, reported Your News Wire.

Shortly after Trump’s election win, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was swamped by reporters while exiting Trump Tower in New York. Trump was said to be considering an independent vaccine safety inquiry as he has questioned the safety of vaccines for a long time.  It is unknown if the pharmaceutical lobby has donated enough to change his mind yet.

At that time, Kennedy Jr., told reporters the inquiry would to be “to make sure we have scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects.”

Trump has historically supported the idea of an independent investigation and believed big pharma is spewing fake news to support their product.

Regardless of your beliefs on vaccine safety, would you like to see an independent study regarding their safety? It could probably be paid for with 1 less Trump golfing weekend at Mar-A-Lago.  Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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