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A couple of months ago, an AnonHQ investigation set about bringing to the forefront, the legalization of marijuana in the states that is set to be monopolized by Scott’s Miracle-Gro, Bayer and Monsanto.

Scott’s Miracle-Gro CEO Jim Hagadorn publicly announced in 2016, intentions to buy out the marijuana industry, setting aside $500 million to do so.

The Monsanto affiliate isn’t the only one that has been offering takeover bids to manufacturers crucial to the newly legalized industry, which includes hydroponics equipment suppliers.

The investigation warned of the takeover set for the marijuana industry through genetically engineering the plant and then patenting it for the likes of medication amongst others:

Bayer has strong connections to a UK-based company, GW Pharmaceuticals, who grows cannabis for its compounds that are then used for medicinal purposes. Bayer helps sell some of GW Pharmaceuticals’ products, including a pricy cannabis spray called Sativex, used to treat multiple sclerosis. They also have Epidiolex in the pipeline, just waiting for FDA approval. Bayer, who is set to merge in a historic deal with Monsanto this year, also works with GW Pharmaceuticals.

While Monsanto and its allies set to monopolize the newly established marijuana industry as their flagging glyphosate stranglehold continues to haunt them, Monsanto, Bayer and other affiliates are engaging in new tactics to sway support to their side and blur the lines of agriculture for profits. As they embark on monopolizing the latest agricultural venture – the marijuana industry – they’re also pushing gene editing, a new form of genetic engineering to modify food supplies.

A new program has been launched to “educate” farmers over a four-hour program on the benefits of “modern” agriculture and GMOs. The propaganda is said to combat what Bayer-Monsanto have lost in Europe, where a united front has recently seen the banning of GMO products. (Throughout Europe, 19 countries are on board to enforce various bans.)

The re-education program is calculated to provide farmers “with facts about biotechnology and chemicals and how to engage with consumers through social media,” aimed at the European market to overturn the entrenched belief that GMOs are dangerous.

But the push doesn’t stop at the European front.

The push to re-brand GMOs as safe and necessary is another money grab that links back to the marijuana industry, to lessen the blow-back by independent marijuana retailers as they attempt to make their deals attractive to growers. Monsanto and co. continually push their ‘GMOs are safe’ agenda; monopolize the business of growing plants as Mother Nature intended, throughout agriculture, only to replace them with genetically engineered plants that they patent.

Once Monsanto, Scott’s Miracle-Gro and others gain a foothold in the marijuana industry, the likes of synthetic marijuana (already known for its health impacts such as seizure) and GMO marijuana will dominate the billion-dollar market, and those who did the hard work to see natural marijuana legalized will be out of a job.

From: Anon HQ

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