Florida’s Most Racist Republican Just Got Caught Hiring Playboy Bunnies – Anti Media News

Source: Occupy Democrats

Frank Artiles, a Republican Florida lawmaker who made national headlines for dropping a slew of racist comments to his African American colleagues, is back in the news. Artiles allegedly hired a former Hooters “calendar girl” and a Playboy model, both of whom had no political experience, as consultants.

Brittney Singletary, a former Playboy model, and Heather Thomas, a former Hooters calendar girl, were paid a combined $3,500 for their work “consulting” for Artiles according to his PAC, Veterans for Conservative Principles.

Thomas has a degree in fashion merchandising and is the owner of Hot Cheeks Bikini, among her past employment at Hooters and various Tallahassee-area bars.

On her Facebook page, Singletary listed her occupation as a bartender, and also highlights her selection as a Playboy “Miss Social” model.

A third player, Taylor M. Lockwood, a former FSU student and Hooters waitress, has also emerged in Artiles’ orbit. While working as an unpaid intern for a different representative, Lockwood posted a photo to Instagram from Key West referring to Artiles with the hashtag “#ThanksFrank.”

Artiles refused to comment on his PAC’s expenditures regarding the various women.

The Florida Republican submitted his letter of resignation on Friday, but that has not stopped the lawmaker’s continued fall from grace.

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