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This Republican judge has chosen to stand for justice rather than stand with his fellow Republicans that chose an unscrupulous path to power.

In an unexpected response to a power-grab by Republicans in the North Carolina legislature, a Republican judge resigned to stop GOP efforts to steal power from the Democratic Governor.

The Charlotte Observer reports that following today’s surprise resignation by Republican Judge J. Douglas McCullough, Democrat John Arrowood was sworn in. Judge McCullough worked as a staffer for Senator Harrison Schmitt (R-NM) before being appointed by President Ronald Reagan as United States Attorney in the eastern district of North Carolina.

Since Democrat Roy Cooper was elected Governor of North Carolina last fall, the Republican Legislature has been trying to take away much of the authority of the governor’s office. But with a simple resignation letter Monday morning, Judge McCullough has shown not all Republicans are willing to follow the unethical actions of the legislative Republicans.

The republicans sought to deny the Governor of 3 scheduled appointees to the Court of Appeals.

“North Carolina has a mandatory retirement age for judges. To prevent the Democratic Party governor from appointing replacements for Court of Appeals judges nearing forced retirement, the Republican Legislature passed a bill to shrink the size of the court from 15 to 12 judges — thereby denying the Democrat of three scheduled appointments,” reported Raw Story.

The legislation was vetoed on Friday, but a veto override was expected Monday night.

However, before the legislature could vote to override Governor Cooper’s veto of House Bill 239, Judge McCullough resigned 36 days prior to his forced retirement. This allowed the appointment of Judge Arrowood at 9:45 a.m. Monday morning.

“I did not want my legacy to be the elimination of a seat and the impairment of a court that I have served on,” Judge McCullough explained.

It is great to see someone standing up for justice even when it cost him his job and probably some of his retirement benefits. It is rare that people go against their political party, even when it means doing the right thing.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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