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The Trump Administration in its first 100 days has proven time and again that they are not looking out for the average American citizen, but to line the pockets of large corporations and the wealthiest 1% of the nation. From discriminatory immigration laws, and overseeing environmental advisories to approve dangerous pipelines- Trump has treated his presidency solely as a business and not a nation of living breathing people in which his business moves have great consequence. The next target of this already destructive government is Medicaid- where the health and well-being of at minimum- 120 million Americans will be affected. Why, you ask? All to pass tax cuts to placate the richest of Americans who are unaffected by these the loss of the program. Whats interesting, however, is when asked about the bill Republican representatives seem not to want to answer the questions.

What’s interesting, however, is when asked about the bill, Republican representatives seem not to want to answer the questions. And why would they- if they blindly fall in line they reap the benefits all at the cost of the rest of America in their desperate bid to exert their semblance of power and control over a nation so vehemently rejecting everything that this administration tries to pull off.

As reported by AlterNet:

Republicans in the House are on the verge of voting to destroy the pre-existing conditions protections for at least 120 million Americans. Gutting Medicaid. Passing a massive tax cut for the wealthiest 1% and disguising it as a “health care plan.” You’d think that after seven years with all the talk, all the bluster, they’d know what they were doing, right? Wrong. It appears they haven’t even read the bill. That’s right. People’s lives are on the line and they haven’t even read the bill they are so desperate to vote on today. The Affordable Care Act went through 79 Congressional Committee hearings/mark-up before Congress voted on it. Today’s Republicans want to vote on a bill they haven’t even read. Why the rush?

See for yourself and watch what happens when a reporter asks the most basic question—have you read the bill?

For what it’s worth, the first man they asked in the video is Rep. Dave Brat (VA-07) and he believes everything was perfectly fine before the ACA, back when insurance companies could deny coverage for nearly anything they wanted or straight up priced people out of having insurance at all:

What are your thoughts on the cringeworthy footage of Republicans in the house dodging the simple question of whether or not they’ve read the bill they so desperately tried to vote on? Is it now to be expected from this administration that representatives simply do not know what they are doing and will “deal” with the consequences at a later date, no matter the consequences to Americans simply to ascertain their power and control- reminding us of who’s in charge?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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