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Focus on Melania Trump’s headwear began when the Trumps arrived in Saudi Arabia last week. In Saudi Arabia, women are legally required to cover their hair, but the first lady chose to follow the standard for western female leaders in Saudi, she broke the law and did not cover her hair. She did the same in Israel at the wall, but when it came to visiting the pope, she decided to follow the traditions of the people.

As U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrived at the Vatican on Wednesday morning to meet Pope Francis, much of the media took note of the fact that the first lady covered her hair with a black lace head scarf. Melania Trump’s native Slovenia is a conservative, predominantly Roman Catholic country, reported Haaretz.

Melania followed the traditional dress code for women during a private audience with the pope at the Vatican – unless you are a Catholic queen, in which case you can wear white. Michelle Obama also wore black and a veil when she met Benedict XVI.

It is unknown why she chose to disrespect the traditions in Saudi Arabia and Israel, but followed them at the Vatican. It is obviously not a problem with simply wearing a head scarf because she did it at the Vatican, which means she deliberately chose to defy the traditions of the other countries.

Even when meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, she did not follow the law and wear a simple head scarf – something Trump had previously criticized Michelle Obama for also doing. Western female leaders and first wives have not covered their hair in Saudi Arabia now for many years, including Angel Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush.

Melania Trump did not cover her hair while visiting holy sites in Israel either, although Donald Trump did wear a yarmulke. Ivanka Trump, did not cover her hair in Saudi Arabia, but wore a a hat at the Western Wall in Israel and a head scarf at the Vatican as well.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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