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A Pentagon investigation revealed more than 100 civilians were killed in a US air strike in Mosul, Iraq, in March. Because it is the US that slaughtered these civilians, they do not call it a terrorist attack.

The military reports 101 civilians in the building were killed, and another four died in a nearby building. Thirty-six civilians remain unaccounted for, according to The Independent.

The US military pretends like these civilians are simply collateral damage and even says they are helping these civilians by slaughtering them.

“Our condolences go out to all those that were affected,” said Maj Gen Joe Martin, commanding general of the Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJFLCC-OIR).

“The coalition takes every feasible measure to protect civilians from harm,” he added. “The best way to protect civilians is to defeat Isis.”

Martin makes his statement, but apparently rejects the fact that the US is arming ISIS.  So what he should be doing, if he wanted to protect civilians, is to get the US to stop creating and arming terrorist groups.

The CJFLCC-OIR’s investigation occurred because of international outrage over reports of large-scale civilian deaths following the March 17 terrorist attack by US led forces.

Critics claim the US has been too aggressive in bombing congested areas like Mosul. The major Iraqi city – and last Isis city stronghold – has a population of more than 660,000, said The Independent.

The incident generated backlash strong enough to halt the Iraqi government forces’ six-month advance into Mosul.

“It’s a time for weighing new offensive plans and tactics. No combat operations are to go on,” a federal police spokesman said at the time.

A top secret 30 day plan for defeating Isis, commissioned by President Donald Trump in January, has not been detailed to the public and was an utter failure given the 30 day time frame he promised his voters.

As expected, the US refuses to take responsibility for bombing civilians in a residential area, and instead blames ISIS for the casualties.

The report claims the US bomb only blew up the top floor, but it triggered explosives throughout the building that were planted by ISIS.

The military claims an analysis of the building’s debris found materials common to Isis-made bombs. There is no actual evidence there were ISIS bombs, but unnamed materials that can be used in bombs were found.

Examples of things that are considered bomb making materials are  cell phones and many common household chemicals.

International humanitarian law bars combatants from imperiling civilian lives through “indiscriminate use of firepower,” according to Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq.

A spokesperson for the US-led Operation Inherent Resolve defended the US’s tactics in March, again blaming ISIS for the US terrorist attack on a building full of Iraqi civilians.

“Our goal has always been for zero civilian casualties, but the coalition will not abandon our commitment to our Iraqi partners because of Isis’s inhuman tactics terrorizing civilians, using human shields, and fighting from protected sites such as schools, hospitals, religious sites and civilian neighborhoods,” he said.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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