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British politician Theresa May intends to introduce new, controversial regulations on the internet, with the British government controlling everything.

To ensure Britain becomes “the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet,” she and fellow Conservatives want to allow the government to decide what is online and available for citizens to view, reported Mint Press News.

Her manifesto shows that she does not believe in free speech or freedom of information as it states, “Some people say that it is not for [the] government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet. We disagree.”

The Independent reported, Senior Tories confirmed the phrasing and reiterated that the government intends to censor what people can post, share and publish online.

They are pretending that terrorism is the reason for taking away freedom.

The manifesto explains that preventing terrorism is a top priority and that censoring content will ensure there is no “safe space for terrorists to be able to communicate online.”

Much of the internet is currently controlled by private businesses like Google and Facebook, but May wants the government to hold as much or more power.

The manifesto suggests that new rules would include laws that make it incredibly difficult to access pornographic and similar websites. The government would be granted permissions to place restrictions on seeing adult content and any exceptions would have to be justified to ministers. Officials even might stop search engines, such as Bing and Google, from directing people to pornographic websites. New rules would also require technology companies to delete anything a person posted when they were under 18-years-old, reported MPN.

While a loss of pornography wouldn’t really matter to most people, freedom of speech would be destroyed by her proposed regulations. “In harnessing the digital revolution, we must take steps to protect the vulnerable and give people confidence to use the internet without fear of abuse, criminality or exposure to horrific content,” explains the manifesto.

In their Orwellian plan which follows in the footsteps of America’s war on “fake news,” the Conservatives want to tell everyone what is “real” news, while not allowing them to see “fake” news.

“We will introduce a sanctions regime to ensure compliance, giving regulators the ability to fine or prosecute those companies that fail in their legal duties, and to order the removal of content where it clearly breaches UK law,” the manifesto reads.

The document continues and suggests we need to rely on the government to protect us from invisible boogeymen.

“While we cannot create this framework alone, it is for government, not private companies, to protect the security of people and ensure the fairness of the rules by which people and businesses abide. Nor do we agree that the risks of such an approach outweigh the potential benefits.”

Handing our freedom to governments has been proven to be a bad thing. It has been bad for the people in the past and it will be bad if it is done now.  This cannot be allowed to pass.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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