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As we previously reported- since Trump’s election, hate crimes targetted towards Muslims and Arabs have been on the rise and are at an all-time high, with no signs of decline. As we live in a time where the President constantly feeds the masses with his fear mongering of those who are anything other than white and Christian, bigoted people who once hid in the shadows now have a leader who has validated their views, and now feel a patriotic duty to express their sentiments- even if that expression is through violence.

One such man, Jeremey Christian is accused of stabbing three men defending two Black teens, one who wore a hijab- a during an Islamophobic tirade of his at a Portland train station which resulted in the death of two of his victims. Christian has shown no remorse for his actions in the deaths of Ricky Best, 53, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23. Christian proclaimed he was exercising his right to free speech and yelled during a tirade in court: “You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism.”  The silence of President Trump on the matter was deafening. President Trump made no mention of the heinous hate crime until 3 days later when pressed to do so, finally starting on Monday the attack was “unacceptable”. The President is quicker to address crimes done by marginalized people, than people who look like him, clearly showing his allegiance and further emboldening folks like Christian in their resolve in feeling what they are doing is the right thing.

Jeremy Christian, the man who’s accused of stabbing to death two people who tried to defend a Muslim woman from his Islamophobic tirade at a Portland train station, appeared in court this Tuesday only to shout slogans like “free speech or die” and “death to the enemies of America” as he was arraigned on murder charges.

According to NBC News, Christian showed no remorse during his appearance as one of the people he wounded, Micah Fletcher, sat looking on at the spectacle in the courtroom.

“Free speech or die, Portland. You got no safe place,” Christian said as he was being led into court from the holding area. “This is America. Get out if you don’t like free speech.”

“You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism,” he yelled. He also yelled “death to the enemies of America” and “death to antifa,” referring to “anti-fascist” groups that have taken part in clashes against Trump supporters at rallies around the country.

With no regard to his victims, one of whom was in the courtroom at the time, Christian instead used the appearance to further his hateful message.

From NBC:

According to court documents, witnesses said Christian seemed to target the two African-American girls, one of whom was wearing Muslim dress, with comments like “I don’t care if you are ISIS” and “Go home, we need Americans here.”

Video taken on the train shows Christian appear to conceal a folding-style knife in his hand while challenging Namkai Meche and Fletcher to “do something” before stabbing Fletcher in the neck, according to court documents.

Christian then stabbed Namkai Meche and stabbed Best, who had stepped in to intervene, according to court documents. Best died at the scene and Namkai Meche was pronounced dead at a hospital, police said.

Footage of Fletcher sitting in the courtroom audience was posted to Twitter by KATU News:

CNN also shared video of Christian on a bus one day before the attack making racist comments and threatening to stab people:

What do you think of Christians outbursts in court? Do you think they are the ramblings of a dangerous lone wolf, or do you think the sentiment he holds is on the rise in America, and that incidents like these may become a regular occurrence? What do you think about President’s Trump’s reaction the to the incident, was it appropriate, or do you think his silence is indicative of how he turns a blind eye to the dangers of the rise white nationalism in America because of how it benefits him and keeps in power? Join the discussion in the comments below.

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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