NC Woman Admits Leading 30 Parishioners In Assaulting ‘Unclean and Sinful’ Man To ‘Expel Homosexual Demons’ – Anti Media News

A large group of churchgoers convinced themselves that assaulting a man for hours was the way to make him not gay. It turns out that doesn’t actually make someone not gay, but it does get assault charges for some of those involved.

A North Carolina woman admitted in court that she led about 30 churchgoers during an assault on a gay member of the church in order to “expel his demons.” Pink News reported.

Sarah Anderson is one of only five members of the Word of Faith church in NC charged with assault on Matthew Fenner, even though about 30 people attacked him.


Anderson said in court that she believed Fenner was “unclean and sinful,” after the minister of the church, Brooke Covington, launched into a reported 2-hour long verbal assault on the man.

“Anderson said she then slapped Fenner and Covington and around 30 others joined in, slapping, beating, choking and screaming at the man for two hours,” according to Pink News.

The minister told Fenner that “God said there is something wrong in your life.”

In a testimony, Fenner said that Covington, who faces 2 years in prison for charges of kidnapping and assault, pointed out his sexual orientation during the attack which was intended to “expel his homosexual demons.”

Fenner said church members trapped him in the church, holding him against his will as he was berated, slapped and choked by fellow parishioners.

“You can’t imagine the emotional toll this has taken on my life,” the 23-year-old Fenner explained, as he also mentioned that he feared for his life during the 2 hour assault.

The case has been delayed several times. There was even a request from the church to move the case to another county, due to years of negative publicity surrounding the highly questionable church practices.

This request was refused, just as the request to bring in a jury from another county was refused.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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