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In the past, the ruling class held a repressive monopoly on knowledge and literature. They understood the concept that knowledge is power, and that those without it, could easily be controlled.

Today, however, we live in a very different world. Where once it was punishable by death to own and personally interpret a book like the Bible, today we can easily access millions of interpretations of its text within milliseconds of requesting a simple internet search. Where once we had no other choice but to receive our “education” from a system of exploitation and indoctrination, today we can educate ourselves and cross check opposing views with ease.

The world wide web has afforded the common people opportunities that were literally non existent during the times of our ancestors. Opportunity grows in proportion to knowledge, and thus the age of information can also be recognized as the age of opportunity, for those who have vision.

So whether you wish to explore the ideas of the brilliant minds past, elicit your imagination, learn more about philosophy, politics, economics, ancient history, or some other topic of interest — or maybe you want to acquire certain knowledge relevant to a particular field of expertise — the internet has provided you with everything you need to create new opportunities that will culminate in personal growth and long lasting success.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of literature that has something to offer for everyone;

*Big shout out to Tiffany Davis via Bachelors Degree Online for being the original source for most of these listings;

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