Racist Trump Supporter Stabs Black Man To Death At California Bus Stop – Anti Media News

A “major Trump supporter” allegedly stabbed a black man multiple times at a bus stop. The victim later succumbed to his injuries.

In yet another blatant display of racism and xenophobia in President Donald Trump’s America, a bigot allegedly stabbed an African-American man after an argument over politics and sports got heated.

According to reports, Philip Wade, who happens to be a Trump supporter from California, was arrested after attacking a 57-year-old man, Anthony Johnson of Pittsburg, on a Tri Delta Transit bus in Oakley.

Following the argument, the 38-year-old reportedly produced a knife and fatally stabbed Johnson multiple times. A passerby saw the incident, pulled out a gun at Wade and told him to get on the ground.

The man waited at the location until police arrived.

The officers took both men in custody without knowing who was who. They later released the witness.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

“Tony was not a violent man, but that he liked to socialize a lot and was well-known in Pittsburg,” said Johnson’s brother, James Johnson. “He just talked a lot. He could talk to anybody and sometimes he would talk loud. He socialized a lot and he talks, but he wasn’t a man to be violent like that.”

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