Reporters Held By Cops While Covering Downtown Protest March – Anti Media News

Reporters from local TV station KATU, Buzzfeed, Reuters and Willamette Week were among those walking near estimated 200 to 300 protesters when police blocked the group. Police said the reporters and others in the crowd were being held “pending an investigation into disorderly conduct.” They were forced to leave the area one at a time so police could take photographs of their identification.

Police report that 14 total people were arrested on Sunday.

The march and detentions happened at about 4:30 p.m., after police in riot gear closed Chapman Square across Southwest Fourth Avenue from City Hall after several people began throwing objects at police and a separate group in a free-speech rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza. Police fired flash-bang grenades at protesters in the park and declared it an unlawful assembly, leading some in the group to march on Fourth Avenue

Tense afternoon rallies

The confrontations came near the end of a tense afternoon as groups representing opposing views on President Trump and other issues gathered just about a block from each other to host rallies. A free-speech rally organized by Patriot Prayer supporting President Trump’s policies attracted hundreds in the federally controlled Schrunk Plaza. A competing rally hosted by several left-leaning anti-Trump groups attracted hundreds just outside Portland City Hall and in Chapman Square near City Hall.

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